Dec 302014
nz  010

Plastic soft drink bottle Xmas tree, Rawene art gallery


This Xmas We went to my Great Aunty Robyn’s house and we stayed there for 2 days. We drove up there on Xmas day it took us 4 hours and we stopped at Whangarei . Dad told me about when he and his dad sailed there, because we stopped for lunch at a park next to the harbour and thats where they stayed for about a month. after lunch we kept going to Rawene, where robyn lives.

On boxing day we went to Panguru, where one of dads friends, Steve, was buried. Then we went to a marae where dad met up with an old friend named Boxer and he invited us in where there was an unveiling of 2 of Boxers cousins, (in Maori culture an unveiling is a ceremony held quite a while after the funeral when they believe the spirit has left the body).

When we went in the marae we got to join a feast that was going on and there were about 100 people there.

To get to Panguru from Rawene we had to cross Hokianga Harbour on a ferry.



Dec 192014

king  027

after Melbourne we went to Aukland and we got first class it was awesome then we drove to Piha and we went to the beach and i lifted the mountain called Lion rock and then we climbed it the next day dad lost me at the beach but eventually i found him mum was super worried.


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Dec 192014

king  022after king island we went to Melbourne to see my grandparents and my cousins this is me, my cousins and grandpa bob, grandma Erica had huge lemons too.

when we went to my cousins place we went go karting, we got to go on our horse JJ and we went to the beach at Lorne, Tim and I only had a swim we also went to a waterfall that was AWESOME.


Dec 192014

king  004

this week we went from hobart to Melbourn to King Island and so far we’ve gone to a party and had pig on a spit

and fresh lamb it was cold and we went on walks on the beach and chased seagulls with andrew and di’s dog Joli Joli

by the way andrew and di are the people were staying with we’ve also been to an island off King Island and horse races