Jan 292015


This is my minecraft mansion I have spent about 2-3 hours on it but its still not done, there is a kitchen, aquarium, wine seller with a secret door to a test subject, a 2nd floor (not finished), a balcony, and a party roof top with a DJ place and a Dance Floor. In the Kitchen we have a fridge, stove, choping board, coffee machine, cupboards with coffee cups and knives cleavers and spatulas.  On the balcony we have a BBQ, and on the roof Oliver (my friend who owns the server) decided to put a penguin up there and i thought that was pretty funny.

I made this on my friends server (server is where you can play with others) because we needed to live some where so i decided i would make us a mansion so I did and boy was it hard it was 47x14x15 m, I worked very hard on it for about 20 mins a day.

I have decided to do this because I love minecraft and I worked hard on it so i hope you like it!


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Jan 092015

kai  068

On Jan 8th it was my birthday and I woke up early in the morning to open my presents and every 2 to 3 minutes i would say “can i open my presents!” and of course the answer was a sleeping noise so i had to wait until mum and dad got up.

I opened my presents and I got lego and 3 DS games as well as some money to add to my collection. I liked all my presents, later on we went to auckland and went to silo park on the water front where there was a thing on where there were hola hoops and basket balls etc. it was very fun we had lunch and a ice cream then we went home and cooked dinner on the new BBQ. Best birthday ever.

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