Feb 282015

2nd floor COMPLETED


So Oliver and I decided to finish The Mansion and Oliver had a great idea! He said lets call it The Fansion. So we made the second floor it has our bedroom and bathroom and Changing room. We had most difficulties with the changing room and you will hear why soon.

In the bathroom we have a shower that I made were it turns on and off and we have a HUGE spa, it takes up most of the room and looks great, we also have a villager in a hanging cage called Hmm because in minecraft they make a humming sound. and we have a toilet.

Our room is quite big it has a big bed for Oliver and I it has stairs up to the changing room, An entrance to the Party floor (go to my other post for more info) and a net above the bed for decoration.

In the Changing Room we have a Big set of chairs, another way to the party roof and we have two changing stations were you put your cloths in and it puts them on you. It took a long LONG time and we spent like 2 hours doing the redstone. We both liked my invention so we used it.


In case you  missed the last minecraft mansion post go HERE.


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Feb 092015

This last week or so we haven’t done many exciting  things so i decided to do an update on multiple things which are our new car, my new lego, yummy corn and the book I have been reading.

We have decided to buy a car, it is a green station wagon its 4 wheel drive its automatic and its BIG and comfy.

We went to the shops looking for things (in my case Lego™) In the end we had gone to farmers and toy world but didn’t get any then we went to The Warehouse and found it, I did lots of math to figure out how much it costs because of the discounts and coincidently we were doing discounts and percentages in home schooling so i got to test it out in reality. I ended up buying 2 Ultra Agent Lego™ sets 1 was a cool agent car and the other was a small agent buggy/jetski.

the big one was $50 and the small one was $20, they both had a discount of 20% and I was able to work out in my head to be (together) $56 which I payed for with my money from my B-day and X-mas.

Lately sweet corn has come to season so it is very cheap($1.50 for 6 sweet corn!!!!), we have been eating corn like pigs for the last couple days and I helped dad cook the sweet corn.

I have been reading a book Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda (all 8 books in 1) it is my favourite book EVER! I am up to the fifth book. It is based in a medieval mythical land called Deltora (hence the name “Deltora”  Quest) and the main city is Del (again “Del”tora) a magical belt has lost its seven gems all holding good blessings but together in the belt the power keeps away the evil Shadow Lord, the seven gems are the Topaz, Ruby, Diamond, Amethyst, Lapis Luzuli, Opal and the Emerald. The three companions, Lief, Jasmine and Barda with Jasmines raven Kree and her little furry brown creature on her shoulder Filli, are looking for the Gems to restore peace, but they are guarded by terrifying creatures in the scariest/most dangerous of places.