Mar 032015


moving the derp sheep

moving the derpy sheep

This week we have been doing a house sit for some farmers in Patetonga, near Thames and The Coromandel Peninsula south of Auckland. They have sheep, cows, chickens and a cat.

We love it here it is a HUGE house with a TV!!!! In the morning me and Dad go and give the old sheep a tub of yogurt full of this Multi-Meal stuff and get some fresh tangelos so she can gum them (because she has no teeth).

Then after feeding the old sheep we go feed the cows three bucks of the Multi-Meal (only 1 scoop from the yogurt box) and they LOVE it! the cows are young boys. I forgot to say before we feed the old sheep we give the chickens some mash and at night we give them wheat seeds and collect their eggs.

After we have fed every thing we go and move the sheep (not the old one but all the others) from one paddock to the other it was funny the first time we did it dad took a photo and thought he needs more view and took one step back and WACK! The electric fence zapped him!! On Saturday we feed the gold fish.

We sadly leave on Wednesday :( but we still have a couple more days! hope you enjoyed!

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