Apr 152015



Papamoa beach with Rush

for the last 2 and a half weeks my family and I had a house sit a Papamoa beach, we had to look after 2 dogs, Rush and Honey, and 2 cats, Fern the kitten and Paddy, we also had GREAT wifi so i could play minecraft with my best friend Oliver! :D Rush would do anything for the ball and he would beg for it even at night time witch got a bit annoying at times, and honey was a bird chaser 5000! She would chase the birds 24/7 if she could, and Fern was a playful fur ball with claws of steel! They where all very well behaved because there owner was a dog trainer and Rush was a retired search and rescue dog.

On the way there we went through Paeroa home of the mighty L & P (if you didn’t know L&P stands for Lemon and paeroa and it is like the NZ version of Lift but SOOOOOOOO much better) we also saw loads of cool mailboxes but these three where my favourite, we saw other cool ones like a microwave and surf boards. This marlin wasn’t ours but we where driving around Mount Maunganui and saw a bunch of people around this trailer so we got out and had a look and there it was a GIGANTIC marlin! We went to Mount Maunganui for lunch and a swim and i found these cool rocks to jump off and dad caught some cool slomo videos of me jumping off the rocks and it was AWESOME! after that was when we saw the marlin.