Feb 282015

2nd floor COMPLETED


So Oliver and I decided to finish The Mansion and Oliver had a great idea! He said lets call it The Fansion. So we made the second floor it has our bedroom and bathroom and Changing room. We had most difficulties with the changing room and you will hear why soon.

In the bathroom we have a shower that I made were it turns on and off and we have a HUGE spa, it takes up most of the room and looks great, we also have a villager in a hanging cage called Hmm because in minecraft they make a humming sound. and we have a toilet.

Our room is quite big it has a big bed for Oliver and I it has stairs up to the changing room, An entrance to the Party floor (go to my other post for more info) and a net above the bed for decoration.

In the Changing Room we have a Big set of chairs, another way to the party roof and we have two changing stations were you put your cloths in and it puts them on you. It took a long LONG time and we spent like 2 hours doing the redstone. We both liked my invention so we used it.


In case you  missed the last minecraft mansion post go HERE.


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  1. Thanks Kai :) -oliver

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