Dec 302014
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Plastic soft drink bottle Xmas tree, Rawene art gallery


This Xmas We went to my Great Aunty Robyn’s house and we stayed there for 2 days. We drove up there on Xmas day it took us 4 hours and we stopped at Whangarei . Dad told me about when he and his dad sailed there, because we stopped for lunch at a park next to the harbour and thats where they stayed for about a month. after lunch we kept going to Rawene, where robyn lives.

On boxing day we went to Panguru, where one of dads friends, Steve, was buried. Then we went to a marae where dad met up with an old friend named Boxer and he invited us in where there was an unveiling of 2 of Boxers cousins, (in Maori culture an unveiling is a ceremony held quite a while after the funeral when they believe the spirit has left the body).

When we went in the marae we got to join a feast that was going on and there were about 100 people there.

To get to Panguru from Rawene we had to cross Hokianga Harbour on a ferry.